Computer Lab

Chintsa East Community Learning Center

Access to Technology


of youth aged 15 – 25 years are unemployed.


of those without a matric certificate will remain unemployed for five years or more.


of those with a matric certificate will remain unemployed for five years or more.


of university students don’t finish their degrees.


of South Africa’s population use the internet.

What is the Chintsa East Community Learning Center (CECLC)?

The CECLC is a community located, container based facility that acts as the nucleus of community learning in the Chintsa East.  The CECLC will focus on learning, job seeking and application, skills development and recreation using internet technology for children, youth and adults.  The center will service around 5 000 people living in the rural Eastern Cape of South Africa.

What is the vision for the centre?

For each person in the community to connect with, and take ownership of, their environment, their education and their community.

What areas will the centre focus on?
  • INTERNET ACCESS: Providing internet access and a shared meeting space for the whole community.
  • REDUCING UNEMPLOYMENT: Online qualifications. Writing an effective CV. Finding and applying for jobs online.
  • SUPPORTING EDUCATION: Literacy skills development. Maths skills development.
  • SKILLS DEVELOPMENT.  Courses that enable people to gain skills to improve their chances of becoming employed, starting their own business, or for self interest upskilling.
  • RECREATION and COMMUNICATION: Training people in how to use online technology for fun, and to communicate with others.
How can I get involved?
  • SUPPORT LOCAL STAFF: Donate monthly through our payment gateway Payfast, to support the community members’ salaries who will be working in the center and up-skilling their own community. Any sized donation is welcome!
  • SPONSOR ACCREDITED COMPUTER TRAINING: Sponsor one young person’s International Computer Drivers’ License training course (6 weeks): R8 500 / person.
  • PROVIDE ACCESS TO THE INTERNET: R1000 / month gives over 5 000 community members unlimited internet access.

“Knowledge is power. Power for all.”