of South African children – do not learn to read for meaning in any language by the end of Grade 4.


of Grade 6 mathematics teachers have a content knowledge level below the Grade 6/7 level.


of Grade 4 students have not written any paragraphs during the entire school year (2015).


of students in the Eastern Cape covered the bare minimum number of exercises required for curriculum coverage.


of foundation phase learners in the Eastern Cape were in classes of 46 learners or more.


the percent of scheduled lessons actually taught by most teachers in a school year.


African Angels provides a quality primary school education for children from the Chintsa East and Glen Eden townships, and from surrounding farms. We are located in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, just 40km outside East London.

In the absence of any other affordable, quality education being provided by the State, the African Angels Independent School is a beacon of hope for the 153 children who attend school each day. The school provides well equipped classrooms, qualified and experienced teachers, a properly applied curriculum, as well as porridge for breakfast and a hot lunch for each child every day. It is hard for children to learn if they are hungry.


The school is located in Chintsa East, a seaside village, just outside East London, in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. The school is an English medium school, and has no more than 20 children in each class, ensuring each child can get individual attention and assistance.

All of the children at the school are from socially and economically disadvantaged backgrounds. We believe that a high quality education will enable our children to grasp opportunities later in life so as to become productive, employed and sound citizens of South Africa.

African Angels is a school that is all about the children.


South Africa’s quality of education has been ranked 117/140 countries by The World Economic Forum Competitiveness report. The WEF also noted that higher secondary enrolment rates will not be enough to create the skills needed for a competitive economy in the future.

The 5th most problematic issue for foreign investors doing business in South Africa is an inadequately educated workforce. This was ranked higher than crime, theft and corruption.

African Angels provides inclusive and equitable quality education and promotes lifelong learning for all.

Some happy learners after school
Lucca looking forward to class
Endy hard at work
Chintsa East Beach


Connecting Communities

‘Knowledge is power. Power for all.’

In 2017 the Chintsa East Community Learning Centre will be operational providing internet access for over 5 000 local residents.

Developing Potential

Our primary mission is to see each child reach their full potential, and become good South African citizens.

Advancing Literacy

African Angels learners come from extremely disadvantaged backgrounds – teaching them literacy and numeracy in ways which far exceed the state-provided education systems provides them with a real chance to break the cycle of poverty.

Smiling as we learn together

Listening hard

Connecting Communities

‘Knowledge is power. Power for all.’

In 2017 the Chintsa East Community Learning Centre became operational, providing internet connectivity for over 2 500 local residents. With the goal of increasing employment and reducing poverty, the centre is open 7 days a week for all residents to access. Those not familiar with internet and computer technology are able to participate in workshops in a structured and supported environment. Learners are able to take advantage all that the internet offers to support their school work and improve their school results. Job seekers can create an email address, search and apply for jobs that, previously, they were unable to access. Local community members will be trained to facilitate workshops for the community, and assist others to harness the power of the internet.

The centre will also house a book exchange for children and adults to provide access to reading books for all community members.

Street Light, Street Smart

Lighting Up Our Little Corner

In order for a school to be truly successful, it needs to do more than just educate children on an academic basis. At African Angels, we are growing citizens. This requires close partnership both with parents, and the wider community. In order to illustrate to our learners, in a lived and experiential manner, what it really means to be a part of one’s community and give back to the people responsible for bringing you up in the world, we often take part in projects like “Light Up Cintsa” and, more recently, various feeding schemes underway to help distressed residents left in the lurch of COVID-19.