African Angels, a Days for Girls Enterprise

African Angels Days for Girls (DfG) Washable Sanitary Pads

The African Angels DfG Enterprise team is manufacturing fully washable pads which provide a truly sustainable solution that menstruators can count on month after month for up to three years.

  • Designed for maximum comfort and protection.
    • The design incorporates feedback from thousands of women and girls around the globe
  • Adapts easily to flow.
    • Tri-fold liner design adds up to nine layers of protection.
  • Requires little water for washing and dries quickly.
    • Dries even in humid or dark environments. The liner’s flat shape is unrecognisable as a pad and so can be dried in the sun with no embarrassment.
  • Soft, super-absorbent cotton flannel with a moisture barrier.
    • Unfolds into a broad open surface area for easy washing and discreet drying.
  • Colorful fabric increases user confidence while hiding stains.
  • Wings snap securely around underwear.
  • Environmentally friendly
African Angels washable pad

Support our Social Enterprise

Purchase packs for yourself or order for donation to your local community or high school. Purchases for donation will be accompanied by a presentation for both girls and boys about menstrual health and will attract a section 18(a) donations tax certificate.

Please contact Lou on +27 76 555 4711 or email with any queries.

By working together, we can create positive attitudes about menstruation, ending shame and stigma around menstruation and puberty and easing the physical difficulties which keep our girls out of school. An educated girl can break the cycle of poverty and empower herself to follow her dreams.

The African Angels Days for Girls (DfG) Enterprise

The African Angels Days for Girls (DfG) Enterprise generates income and jobs in the Chintsa East community and a portion of every purchase is donated to the African Angels Independent School to support the quality education primary school learners from Chintsa East.

The team of sewing ladies from Chintsa East is installed in their recently refurbished premises in the Chintsa East Hub, have completed their manufacturing, quality and education presentation training and are in full production of the Days for Girls (DfG) washable pad. Our fully trained educators present menstrual health education to both men and women to help reduce the stigma around menstruation.