Thank you Wild Women on the Wall

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Thank you Wild Women on the Wall

The Wild Women on the Wall have once again raised funds for African Angels. The event started when Lucille van Der Merwe, one of the originators of the Wild Women on the Run event along the Wild Coast of South Africa, moved to China with her family. She saw the opportunity to continue the ethos and fundraising encompassed in the South African event and set out to create a similar adventure along the Great Wall of China.

Each year a group regular women, pays for their adventure and also raises money for the chosen charities, both in China and South Africa. This year the 22 women from 19 countries ran, climbed and hiked around 80km and raised a total of 407,114 RMB (R 952,600.56). 

Wild Women on the Wall
Wild Women on the Wall 2022

We are so grateful for their incredible support all the way from China. We are so privileged to have such incredible partnerships!  Teams of women running and fundraising for our Angels everywhere.  What a wonderful legacy of educated children they are leaving.