The Lunchbox Fund supports African Angels

Supporter Spotlight – The Lunchbox Fund

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The Lunchbox Fund focusses on providing nutritious food to combat Micronutrient deficiencies in children whose diets are of low nutrient quality, or which lack dietary diversity. African Angels Independent School was accepted as a beneficiary partner of the Lunchbox Fund programme in 2017, and every school day since then our Angels receive a high protein, nutritionally fortified meal for lunch.

EDP Accounting

Supporter spotlight – EDP Accounting

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This month we throw the Supporter Spotlight on EDP Accounting. Elsie Müller is an invaluable part of the African Angels team – she has been preparing our annual financial statements since 2014 and has been essential in helping us remain compliant with the various Government Departments, as African Angels has grown from our initial 24 children, to today’s 153 children.