Supporter Spotlight – LexisNexis

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Supporter Spotlight – LexisNexis

LexisNexis African Angels

The WildWomen on the Run women dedicate their annual runs to charity. One of this year’s runners went beyond the usual and combined the Initiatives of her company to enhance the funding of these charities.

The LexisNexis team in East London has a Mandela day initiative and a Cares Day initiative each year. This year for Mandela Day, the team organised a walk where participants were invited to donate a pack of nappies or sanitary towels. Corporates were invited to pay for a banner display, the proceeds of which were allocated to the charity of their choice. The East London Community was so generous with their donations that LexisNexis was able to assist Busfare Babies with sanitary towels, King’s Home with Nappies and make a cash donation to African Angels.

For the company’s Cares Day initiative, the team wanted to do something sustainable, that they could all get involved with to make a difference in their own individual communities. To this end LexisNexis purchased R50,000 worth of beautiful Days for Girls washable and reusable sanitary pads. These were donated to two women’s shelters (Masimanyane Women’s Support Centre and CMR) and distributed to the staff, who went into their communities and donated them to schools and churches.

This donation of pads is so exciting because not only does a portion of the profits go to African Angels for the education of the children of Chintsa East, but the pads are going to those who can most benefit from our reusable menstruation solution.

“We love working with African Angels as they are so organised and forward thinking in terms of sustainable solutions to those in need.”

LeeAnn King, Head of Sales Deployment, LexisNexis