Supporter Spotlight – Jumbo Clothing

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In 2016 Jumbo joined our supporter team delivering care packages to our Angels and Alan Scheckter, owner of Jumbo, gave our oldest Angels a talk about entrepreneurship. Since this time, Jumbo have been a hands-on and active supporting partner, sponsoring branded tracksuits, jackets, shoes, t-shirts and vouchers for our Angels.

Jumbo sponsored the African Angels’ Beach Walk for four years, and their branded t-shirts are still worn with pride by the Angels, (and some of their family) reminding folk of Jumbo and their continuing support and involvement of African Angels. Our African Angels Beach Walks sponsored by Jumbo were such festive and happy affairs, and the kids loved that Asanda, and her team from Jumbo, came along for the day.

Jumbo vouchers were given out to the Angels as rewards for academic achievement, and for demonstrating consistent and positive behaviour at school. Shopping with these earnt vouchers was a huge highlight for the kids, experiencing practical maths in a real-world setting, assisted by the incredibly helpful (and patient) Jumbo staff.
From 2022 Jumbo has decided to support the safety of our Angels as they are transported to and from school in our Mercedes Benz Sprinter, by paying for our monthly vehicle insurance. Keep an eye out for bus with the bright Jumbo Clothing logo on the side next year!