Supporter Spotlight – Allan Gray Orbis Foundation

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Supporter Spotlight – Allan Gray Orbis Foundation

African Angels Allan Gray Orbis Foundation

Thank you to Caleb Dlamini, Director, and Molefe Mohlamonyane, Scholar Development Manager, at Allan Gray Orbis Foundation for visiting African Angels.

They met with Olungaka in Grade 7, who has been awarded an Allan Gray Scholarship for 2023, and the Grade 6 learners who are applying for the 2024 scholarship. It is motivating for the learners to hear, first-hand, what is required to be a successful Allan Gray Orbis Foundation scholar.

Our former students who are attending Hudson Park High School on Allan Gray Scholarships include Lizalise and Ayola in grade 9 and Milisani in grade 8.

“The scholarship is great! It is good for me because I get lots of support from the Foundation teachers and it opens up opportunities for my future. The scholarship has also helped my mom a lot because she now only has to pay for her two boys and not worry about me.

The Foundation teaches me entrepreneurial skills and an ‘I want to do it and I can ‘ mindset. The programme gives us an idea of how entrepreneurs should think and how they should work. Multi-tasking is one thing that they put forward, you’ve got to be able to work on your school grades and also your program. The Scholarship also gives us opportunities to pitch our business ideas for practice.”

Milisani – GRade 8

Milisani was ranked 7th out of 229 fellow students in her grade at the end of Term 2 2022.

“I always get rejuvenated to visit such schools of excellence that are humble and on the right course.

Well done on the great work you are doing.”

Caleb Dlamini
Caleb Dlamini Alan Gray Orbis Foundation

We can’t thank The Allan Gray Orbis Foundation enough for the opportunities they are offering our learners to improve their circumstances through entrepreneurial development and quality education.