Specialist Art Teacher : Emma Rankin

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Emma has an anthropology degree, an honours in Psychology and has travelled extensively for pleasure and to teach. She brings her experience of this, and eight years’ of teaching Art and Drama at Lilyfontein School, to African Angels.

Emma says, “Art is such a beautiful subject to teach and one which can provide a child with a channel to express themselves, make sense of their realities and ultimately create a safe space free of judgment. There are no ‘mistakes’ only opportunities

“As I drove into the school for my initial meeting with Mrs Edworthy I was astounded by the beautiful setting of the school; welcoming staff and happy and helpful children who were going about their day. I left that day, impressed by how Lou’s dream to provide children with a quality education had become a thriving reality.

In my short time at Angels, I have already found such personal and professional rewards in seeing a child’s face beaming with pride at what they have created and realising their own potential.

“The sincerity of the children and their appreciation of what their school offers them is tangible in every class.”

I hope to build the art programme at Angels to not only fulfil curriculum needs and develop skills, but most importantly instil confidence in the children as they experiment with techniques and materials and make them realise what they are capable of.
Emma Rankin