Our High School learners hit the ground running in 2020

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In 2020 twenty three of our African Angels Independent School “Guardian Angel’ graduates entered, or returned to, twelve different high schools. Our first angel started her first year of Law at the University of the Western Cape.

Thanks to a number of generous sponsors, both in South African and overseas, the following learners are starting their high school adventures:

  • Our first Angel started at Merrifield College in East London on a high school bursary (scholarship) .
  • Nopinkie was accepted into Maclear High School for the remainder of her high school.
  • Ahlume, Emihle and Lisa went into boarding high schools in Queenstown.
  • Oyama, Musa, Evidence and Phumelela started at Byletts High School .

Thanks to all of our sponsors who donate to ensure that our learners can go on to fulfill their academic potential.