Mandela Day – 67…

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We are disappointed that you will not be able to visit African Angels School to deliver your 67 minutes of effort on Mandela Day – 18 July.

NEVER FEAR – we have come up with some great ideas about how you can help us, from the safety of your home, or workplace.

  • Collect 67 of the following items
    • Non-perishable food items
    • Puzzles for all ages
    • Kid’s reading books
    • Blankets
    • Food parcels
  • Donate R67 every month

We are more than happy to collect your gathered items from you once Mandela Day is over.

phone 076 555 4711

email for your donations receipt

whatsapp 076 555 4711

Thank you for being part of our Angels family and supporting us so we can continue to change the lives of the Angels.