Likhona’s Story of second chances

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Likhona, one of our very first sponsored Angels, is now 17 years old and has lived with her granny since her parents passed away when she was young.  Likhona found the academic rigours of school tough, and three years ago decided that school was not for her. Around 40% of Grade 1 learners will exit the schooling system in South Africa, before finishing matric (the final year of high school).  Many will remain stuck in poverty and unemployment for life.  Likhona was destined to become a statistic. Here at African Angels, we try never to close the door on our past learners, despite the life choices they make, and thanks to the mother and daughter team at Cintsa Horses and Rehabilitation Centre, Likhona has a second chance.

Likhona’s love of animals created this second chance

Likhona has a love and compassion for animals, which she demonstrated recently by regularly feeding and caring for a starving and neglected dog that lived near her house. Georgie and Penny at Cintsa Horses and Rehabilitation Centre were asked if they would consider offering Likhona work experience in their horse rescue and horse trails business. Between them, the two ladies look after over 30 rescued horses, and with COVID-19 their funding, which came from their volunteer programme and horse trails has completely dried up. Even though their situation is tough, they were willing to give Likhona an opportunity. Georgie and Penny are extremely hard-working women. Who better to teach and mentor Likhona, walking beside her to develop her work ethic and showing her that you need to put your whole heart into what you do, to succeed?

Every day, for the past eight weeks, Likhona has caught the early school bus at 6.30am to travel to her work experience at Cintsa Horses Likhona is gaining not only horse care skills but is also learning what is required to be successful in the world of work. Penny says, “This is a very physically demanding job and though Likhona struggled to start with, she has grown in strength and confidence and is becoming a real asset to the team.”

Developing a sense of pride and purpose

Through their hard work and dedication, they have taught Likhona the importance of a strong work ethic and have given her a sense of pride and purpose. Penny says, “This is a very physically demanding job and though Likhona struggled to start with, she has grown in strength and confidence and is becoming a real asset to the team.”

Though naturally quite shy, Likhona’s face lights up when she talks about her job and her recent first horse ride on the beach. She hopes to be able to stay with Cintsa Horses and to eventually own her own horse one day.  She says, “Thank you Georgie and Penny for giving me a chance. I am proud of myself for being the first woman from my village, Chintsa East, to get to work with these horses.”

We are super proud of Likhona for taking on the challenge of work experience opportunity, and grateful to Georgie and Penny at Cintsa Horses for giving her their time, kindness and sharing their experience and skills. Things are very difficult for them at the moment and they are still willing to add to their daily workload to help a young lady in need. These ladies have giant hearts

Support Cintsa Horses

Cintsa Horses care for and love horses which no one else wants. They totally rely on donations, paid volunteers and income from their beach horse rides. With the tourism shutdown, income has dwindled to nil. To support Cintsa Horses, and the horses in their loving care click here.