From the Principal’s Desk

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After the dismay of hearing that schools would be closed until the 15th February, the teachers and I are delighted that Independent Schools have been given permission to open on the 1st February. Thanks go to ISASA who consistently and tenaciously request approval from the Department of Basic Education on our behalf.

Back to School

We ended last year greatly satisfied with all we had achieved. We had pushed our resilience levels beyond what we imagined we could reach and were looking forward to an easier start this year… was not to be…..but in true African Angels’ style, we face the new school year with just as much determination and dedication to bring excellent education and care to our African Angels amidst the ongoing pandemic.

Staff Matters

We are happy to report that after a hugely stressful year for all our staff, we have had no staff turnover this year. The staff has been truly amazing during this COVID ravaged year. They are all amazing teachers with an unrivalled passion for children. Why else would they have inconvenienced themselves so severely to ensure that no child got left behind?