From the Principal’s Desk

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From the Principal’s Desk

African Angels Merits

I had the privilege of taking four learners to breakfast and a movie for the Principal’s Outing last week – an outing for the learner in each grade who has earned the most merits. We had some fun moments, and some sad ones – “Lyle, Lyle Crocodile” is one of those movies with heart breaking scenes throughout and then a five-minute happy ending!

They loved the food and the fact that they were the only people in the whole movie theatre.

Here’s the advice they have for those who didn’t get the most merits:

“It was a special day that I will always remember. It was my hard work, respect and dedication that helped me get more merits than the others in my class.” Minentle, Grade 4

“This was one of my most memorable experiences at the school and I will remember it forever. I will work hard to get selected again next time.” Liviwe, Grade 5

“Learners who want to be selected for the outing next time, should work on their behaviour and not bow to peer pressure.” Kungawo, Grade 7

Wise words, Kungawo!