From the Principal’s Desk

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From the Principal’s Desk

10 years – new traditions

It’s our tenth year of operation and we’re aiming to set up new traditions for the future.  One of these is an adventure camp for the Grade 7’s.

Grade 7 is the last year for our children at African Angels and we want to arm them with the skills they will need when they leave our protective environment and go out into the bigger world of high school.

Hobbiton on Hogsback is an excellent venue for this – their qualified instructors use the outdoors and adventure activities to teach the children resilience, leadership and teamwork skills. The children are encouraged to step out of their comfort zones and by so doing, realise that they can achieve anything if they are brave enough to try. What a great lesson to learn in Grade 7!

Here is what some of them had to say on their return:

It was amazing I really loved it! I learned a lot about teamwork and encouraging others. The rock-climbing activity was tricky and when some people fell, we encouraged them to try again, and they actually finished the course. Everyone was really happy that they had tried and succeeded. I learnt to always try my best and to try to support others as well.


The zip wire was the most challenging activity for me. When I was starting to do it I felt like crying but when I was done, I felt amazing. I am happy that I could overcome my fear.


I enjoyed the ziplining the most. At first I felt so scared; I thought I was going to fall. When I suddenly did it, I felt amazing. It felt great to overcome my fear.


I tried all of the activities, even the ones that scared me because I knew that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity.


Most difficult activity for me was the rock climbing. I felt, that as I was climbing, my arms were getting weaker and weaker and I didn’t trust that I could make it. I did finish the climb and I was so happy when I did.


I learned that I work better in groups because the activities I had to do on my own were much harder for me than the ones when we were in teams. Hobbiton was quite intimidating to start with, but it became fun!


On the way to Hobbiton, I wasn’t scared but when I got there and saw the activities then I got nervous. I felt happy at the end because I realized that I could do all of the activities and I that I was actually good at them.


The rope course was one of the most challenging games because you could only do it if you could overcome your fear of heights. I did the course and I felt quite proud of myself.


Thank you to the sponsors who helped the parents pay for this amazing opportunity for the Grade 7’s