From the Principal’s Desk

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We have really been enjoying our sessions with Erna from iSchool Africa. One of the programs on offer, that we are very keen to implement, is a Press Team. Mrs. Chiwanga has been enthusiastic about heading this up and has had her first introductory meeting with the learners.

The iSchool Press Team experience gives learners an opportunity to engage with the world around them and encourages the development of a wide range of skills. Through their involvement learners critically engage with current events and with ideas, taking part in identifying newsworthy stories, researching and gathering relevant information, creating story outlines or plans that involve structuring a coherent storyline. Learners become interpreters of the world around them as the team is positioned to select interesting and newsworthy events and to communicate these to their peers. Participation in the team broadens a learner’s exposure to what lies beyond their school and home, giving opportunities to meet diverse and interesting people and to learn from others. Being part of the press team also gives learners opportunities to develop communication skills and self-confidence.

The Press team will require learners to fulfil a number of different roles in order to produce viable content. These include that of: Researcher; Presenter; Cameraperson; Audio and music producer/creative director; Editor; Logistics (taking care of the equipment/setting up), giving learners an opportunity to use and develop their specific talents.

The selection process is taking place this week, with learners auditioning through writing a news bulletin and presenting it in front of the camera.

Keep a look out for our first iMovie news bulletin!