From the Principal’s Desk

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South Africa is experiencing its third wave of Covid19 infections leaving our President, Cyril Ramaphosa, little choice but to implement stricter controls. In his latest announcement on Sunday 27 June, he announced that all primary schools need to close.

At African Angels, we are ready. Assessments have been completed for the term, and the children will finish on Wednesday 3. June The staff will stay on to finish the reports and prepare for term 3 which is currently scheduled to start on July 19.

On a lighter note, school staff are scheduled to receive their COVID-19 vaccinations starting term 3 in a more protected environment for staff and children.

Thank you to everyone at African Angels for their hard work in maintaining our strict Covid19 protection protocols this term – we appreciate how this has changed teaching and learning, and how hard you have worked to ensure our Angels still receive the best possible education in these challenging times.