From the Principal’s Desk

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Last Saturday we held our first parent workshop with our Grade R prospective parents for 2022.

We believe that education should be like a three-legged pot; a leg each for school, parent and child. By including the parents as much as possible, we are able to have a more stable “pot”. and allows us to share our knowledge with the wider community.

With the help of Lindiwe Sigqaza from the Ikhwezilomso Creche, we informed twenty parents about time management, diligence and resilience, and the impact on our children if we are not modelling those traits to them.

The session included, smiles, laughter and some, more sombre moments, as the parents reflected on their own actions.

We are serious about our school vision, “To allow all learners to reach their full potential and develop into fine citizens”, and it is therefore vitally important that these traits are components of their education.