African Angels, a Days for Girls Enterprise is here!

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Supporting Menstrual and Reproductive Health.

32 people out of every 100 people in South Africa do not have a job…. any job.
30 girls out of every 100 girls in South Africa do not have enough money to purchase sanitary products, often missing school when they have their period.

It is these sobering facts, figures and truths that drove us to start a new social enterprise, right in the middle of our beneficiary community in Chintsa East.

African Angels was accepted as the only South African enterprise for 2021 by Days for Girls (DfG). Over the past four months our team have been trained in how to produce the DfG washable pads, called the DfG Kit, according to the DfG patented and proven pattern, precise procedures and specific quality controls, to produce high quality, washable pads.

Our team of talented sewers, cutters and overlockers are based in the newly refurbished Chintsa East Community Learning Centre in the heart of the Chintsa East Township. All have completed their manufacturing, quality and education presentation training and are in full production of the DfG Kit.

Last week, our Enterprise was awarded Gold Certification by Days for Girls, meaning we are not only producing washable pads, liners, waterproof and drawstring bags to the highest quality, but our Menstrual and Reproductive Health Educators, who present menstrual health education to both men and women to help reduce the stigma around menstruation, are also gold certified.

The African Angels Days for Girls Enterprise generates income and jobs in the Chintsa East community, and a portion of every purchase is donated to support quality education at the African Angels Independent School.

 The African Angels DfG Kit  

The team is producing fully washable pads, which provide a truly sustainable solution that menstruators can count on month after month, for up to three years.
The pads are:
Designed for maximum comfort and protection. The design incorporates feedback from thousands of women and girls around the globe 
Adapts easily to flow. Tri-fold liner design adds up to nine layers of protection.
Requires little water for washing and dries quickly. Dries even in humid or dark environments. The liner’s flat shape is unrecognisable as a pad and so can be dried in the sun with no embarrassment. 
Soft, super-absorbent cotton flannel with a moisture barrier. Unfolds into a broad open surface area for easy washing and discreet drying.
Colourful fabric increases user confidence while hiding stains. 
Wings snap securely around underwear.  Environmentally friendly

Support our Social Enterprise

Funding education, creating employment, and keeping girls in school.

Purchase packs for yourself, or order for donation to your local community or high school. Purchases for donation will be accompanied by a presentation for both girls and boys about menstrual health and will attract a section 18(a) donations tax certificate.

By working together, we can create positive attitudes about menstruation, ending shame and stigma around menstruation and puberty and easing the physical difficulties which keep our girls out of school. An educated girl can break the cycle of poverty and empower herself to follow her dreams.

The following packages are available for purchase:

To purchase, please complete this Google form and make payment using Credit, Cheque or Debit cards or by Instant EFT via the payfast platform using DfG/your name as a reference

EFT’s can be made to:
Bank details:
Branch Code: 12062100
Account Name: African Angels Trust
Account Number: 1214498701
Type: Business PAYU

Please use DfG/your name as a reference and send proof of payment to to secure your order.

Delivery will be made via PAXI service which is PEP Store to PEP Store, at a cost of R60.00 for max 5kgs.

Delivery will be made in 7 – 9 business days.

Deliveries in the East London area will be free for orders over R1,000.00

Please contact Lou on +27 76 555 4711 or email with any queries.