Meet the Board – Caroline Naude

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Meet the Board – Caroline Naude

We decided that maybe we should introduce you to our hardworking Board of Trustees, who donate their time and their collective creative energy to make sure we exceed our mandate.

Caroline Naude

Caroline Naude has been a member for the Board of the African Angels Trust since 2019 when she was formally registered as a Trustee.

She joined the board because she is passionate about child and youth development.
She says, “Children are the future. We need to educate today’s children not just in literacy and numeracy, but to be curious, to problem solve, to be independent thinkers, to respond to challenges in a competent and able manner. In effect, to be the leaders of tomorrow.

“African Angels is an NGO that makes a real difference in people’s lives. Not by handing out charity. But by developing potential. Not only do they provide access to quality education, but African Angels also educates children within the context of their communities; working with parents and local leaders to address the issues learners face outside school, in their homes and villages.”

“I am so proud of:

  • the way in which African Angels is constantly adapting in response to the changing needs of the learners and their families. Some of these needs are identified through research, but most are identified by the beneficiaries themselves.
  • the academic results achieved by African Angels Independent School.
  • the number of African Angels rewarded with bursaries and scholarships to prestigious private and public fee-paying schools, and of how they cope and succeed in those new pressured environments.
  • the difference African Angels is making in the Chintsa East community, from getting street lights installed in the township, to building a computer centre with free wifi access, to helping families grow their own food during COVID, to educating community members about drug and alcohol abuse, to starting a sewing project to make washable sanitary pads, and so much more!
  • how African Angels values and supports the staff, engaging in on-going training and thought development to ensure they are using the most effective and appropriate teaching methods.”

“Lou has vision, more ideas, compassion and energy than anyone I know, and a huge heart. Her “I can” attitude is an inspiration to everyone. I am proud and honoured to call this incredible woman my friend.”