The Boys’Hostel gets a facelift

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In mid-2020 we moved grades 5, 6 and 7 into hostel to reduce the chance of Covid transmission as they travelled between school and home.  The benefits to our boys of staying in hostel was so marked that we decided to continue to board them Monday to Friday during term times. 

The hostel was not one of our “renovated” buildings and was a bit “rough”.  Thanks to Out the Green Box the boys have solar water heating, but the floors left much to be desired.  Thanks to Arcadia Rotary, and the Jacobbson Trust, we have tiled every bedroom and common space, so that our boys have a comfortable, easy to clean and happy space to stay in. Our Maintenance Manager Fanie, has constructed side tables from furniture remnants at the school for the boys to store their odds and ends in, and Kathy from Rotary Arcadia has made curtains for each bedroom.  The team at Yanfeng were able to donate kitchen cupboards, a sink and sets of drawers as a result of their own office renovation and visited en-masse one Saturday to fit them. 

We are so grateful for so many people coming around our boys to make their home away from home comfortable.