From the Principal’s Desk

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At African Angels we are continuously seeking best practice for the success of our students. In keeping with this trend, we are very excited to be embarking on a Visible Learning journey with John Hattie and Corwin, Australia. We are the first South African school that they will be working with, and they are almost as excited, if not as excited, as we are about this partnership!
Applying Visible Learning methodology means that students are taught to know:

  • what they need to learn
  • how to learn it
  • how to evaluate their own progress

In this way, teachers become agents in helping students become their own teachers. Teachers will influence students in a number of ways by helping them to develop multiple learning strategies, encouraging them to take risks in their learning and helping them develop respect for themselves. John Hattie believes that how learners see themselves, and what they perceive as most important in their learning, has a significant effect on their motivation to learn.
In the words of Visible Learning “to ensure every student is learning not by chance, but by design”