From the Principal’s Desk

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In March 2020 our world was thrown into a previously unheard of global lockdown, with many seemingly absurd rules and regulations. Little did we know then that that initial lockdown would extend and extend, and at times I’m sure we all felt that life would never be the same. …two years on and school life is finally beginning to return to a semblance of pre-Covid normality. These two years have brought much reflection, a skill allowing us to recognise mistakes, make sense of situations we find ourselves in, and make plans for the next time we face similar challenges. It also allows us to recognise successes we’ve had and gives us confidence that whatever we face, we will find our way to success again. Covid has taught us a lot.

In contrast to March 2020, March 2022 has been filled with exciting events: we ventured into space (albeit virtually). Some children wanted to “get off”, others tried “moonwalking”!

Our Foundation Phase dived into the deep and there were many screams when the shark came up close! Over all it was enjoyed immensely!

Our Grade R’s visited Mel’s Touch Farm (in reality) and Grade 4’s, the museum. Each creating many special memories!

As we enjoy the holiday, we reflect on the past term and find ourselves grateful for lessons learned, and we look forward to a new term with much anticipation for new experiences, memories and lessons.

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