iSchool Africa – Update

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African Angels Foundation phase has been using the iSchoolAfrica Digital Library Programme daily since it was awarded in March. The programme includes 10 previously owned iPads, a library from Snapplify Foundation, the Onebillion numeracy app and teacher training by iSchoolAfrica.

Here’s a bit of an update on the impact of the programme since then.

The grade 2 and 3 learners wrote a numeracy test a month after starting the programme

Grade 2 teacher, Belinda Goodall says, “All of the learners improved on their Maths Assessment this term, even those who have traditionally struggled. This can be partly attributed to the regular use of Onebillion. Onebillion has made learning some maths concepts more fun, which contributes to them being better understood.”

African Angels iSchool Africa
“It is a pleasure to visit African Angels Primary School, as the teachers and learners are very positive and hard working. Teachers implement what they have learned during training sessions and are not afraid to explore new apps. The school took ownership of the programme from the first day.”
Erna Schnautz, iSchoolAfrica facilitator