Keeping our high school angels under our wing

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As more and more of our Angels fly off to high school, we are finding that their journey with us does not end with their graduation from grade 7. Many of the children also need support throughout their high school journey and we feel that our responsibility for them isn’t over until we have given them the very best chance to succeed.

To this end, our previous Grade 3 teacher, Phelisa Soxujwa, has been appointed as the Coach for our high school learners (in addition to her role as Life Orientation teacher and Think Equal representative).

Preparing for high school begins as early as Grade 5. Phelisa will be liaising with the parents and children in grades 5,6 and 7 to impress upon them the importance of working hard to achieve the bursaries which will give them access to a quality high school education after they graduate from African Angels. Once they enter high school, she will be touching base with them regularly to offer logistical and coaching support to ensure that they are able to optimise the opportunities they are being given.

Phelisa says, “High school can be an overwhelming experience in so many ways. I know what it’s like trying to fit into a new environment. I will be available to all of the high school children so they have someone they trust who they can reach out to when they are facing challenges at school, home or in their personal lives. I will also be offering career coaching and advice for bursary and university applications for those who are already in matric- support most schools no longer offer.

“I see this role as an opportunity to extend my impact in the lives of my learners. It’s an exciting opportunity that also promises to be challenging. It is a welcomed challenge.”