From the Principal’s Desk

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From the Principal’s Desk

African Angels Entrepreneurs

September at African Angels has seen many entrepreneurial skills being tested and developed. From the Grade 7’s to the lower grades each has been given a practical entrepreneurial experience during the term.

We started September with a Spring Day games day – a Grade 7 fundraiser to raise funds for a solar light they wanted to leave as their legacy, and to light the way for the boys as they return to hostel from the hall in the winter evenings.

Both the games day and the solar light surpassed the expectations of the Grade 7’s.

It always gives me such a boost to see the children proud of the outcome of ideas that they put into action. Such a confidence builder for them.

They have also each had a practical entrepreneurial experience during the term, this included learning about marketing goods, loans, loan repayments, budgeting, supply and demand, profit margins.

The lower grades have enjoyed this project and have, at the same time, improved their money managing skills.

We will close-off the term on the last day of September with a Grade 5 fundraiser. They are planning on buying an aluminium ‘time capsule’ which they will bury under a cement slab that will give instructions to open in 2050.

I think this is a brilliant idea and excellent timing with us living through a worldwide pandemic!

How different will life be in the year 2050?!