Sponsor A Child

Sponsor A Child

Eastern Cape Facilities


have no or unreliable water supply.


have no or unreliable electricity supply.


of schools only have pit latrines, and 1.7% of schools have no toilet facilities at all.


have no sports facilities. At all.


have no library.


have no computer laboratory.


have no science laboratory.
(Reference: NEIMS 2015)

Nation Building – Sponsor a Child’s Education

Your sponsorship of an African Angel learner will relieve the financial burden of school fees from our parents, who struggle to make ends meet on any normal day.   Our sponsorship options are designed to make sponsoring affordable for as many people as possible.  We still rely heavily on other donations to keep the school open, as sponsorship of fees covers around 20% of our annual operating costs.

Option 1
Sponsor annual school fees of an African Angel @ R600 / month  x 12 months.
Your annual investment = R7 200 pa
Parents/ guardians will still pay for the monthly transport fee @ R250/month.

Option 2
Sponsor annual school and transport fees of an African Angel.
School fees @ R600 / month  x 12 months = R7 200 pa.
Transport fees @ R250 / month x 12 months = 3 000 pa
Your annual investment = R10 200 pa
Parents / guardians will still pay for the uniforms, and daily lunches.

Option 3
Sponsor the hostel for one of our Grade 4 – 7 girls.
Your annual investment will be R200 / month x 12 months = R24 00

It’s an important part of our program that parents provide a uniform (which is the cheapest we can source!) and lunch for their child each day. Many families combine funds to pay school fees and sponsorship helps alleviate financial pressure.

As part of your sponsorship you receive regular updates about your Angel’s progress.

Please contact us for more information, or visit our donations page to help right now.

Frequently Asked Sponsorship Questions

May we write to or visit the child that we sponsor?

Yes, of course you can write to your Angel! Our postal address is:

PO Box 424,
Kwelera 5259
East London
South Africa.

We now also have an email address for each child. Contact us for further information on writing directly to your Angel.

South Africa is a beautiful country and you are very welcome to visit your Angel and meet their family. However to ensure the safety of your Angel and their family, all visits must be coordinated through the African Angels charity.

Can we send gifts to our Angel?

Yes you can send a gift to your Angel. The easiest option is through our donations page. The postal service is slow and very unreliable, but our address is below should you choose this alternative:

PO Box 424,
Kwelera 5259
East London
South Africa.

Feedback on Angels receiving gifts is provided electronically.

If you do wish to send other gifts to your Angel we need you to know that all parcels are opened and inspected to ensure the gift is appropriate.

Please do not send money or battery operated toys (families often cannot afford batteries). Simple is best: school items, simple clothing, photos of your family.

How are the African Angels accounts managed?

We have our financial reports prepared by a qualified book keeper in East London and a chartered accountant oversees the annual financials. Financials are available upon request.


of South African children – do not learn to read for meaning in any language by the end of Grade 4.


of Grade 6 mathematics teachers have a content knowledge level below the Grade 6/7 level.


of Grade 4 students have not written any paragraphs during the entire school year (2015).


of students in the Eastern Cape covered the bare minimum number of exercises required for curriculum coverage.


of foundation phase learners in the Eastern Cape were in classes of 46 learners or more.


the percent of scheduled lessons actually taught by most teachers in a school year.